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The Grove on Forest is a coffeehouse and café grounded in the unique history of its owners, Kara and James Taylor.

Having eight years of restaurant experience behind him when arriving in Laguna Beach, at the age of 22, James’ culinary skills were further developed by serving as Sous Chef at local gem, Café Zoolu. Meanwhile, Kara, an alumna of Laguna Beach High School and Laguna College Art and Design began her career in graphic design.

After their marriage and a move to their first home address on Grove Street in San Francisco, a location for which their Café pays homage to, James refined his skills working under renowned Chefs Wolfgang Puck, Mitchell Rosenthal, and Carlo Middione. A youthful wealth of experience later landed him at the helm as Chef de Cuisine at Arnold Wong’s EOS Restaurant & Wine Bar. Kara has flourished over the years as an executive in marketing and creative direction with a focus on startup businesses.

Though their appetite for adventure led them to live a decade each respectively, in San Francisco and Venice Beach, they’ve returned home to fulfill their lifelong dream of owning a business together, a special café for their customers to call home: The Grove on Forest at the historical Lumberyard Mall.